Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vintage shoes II

Now that I have got my babies, vintage shoes, I need to take good care of them. How? I bought 2-in-1 leather polish-like which cleans and protects. This step is pretty easy as ABC - just read and follow instructions on the box.

What's next? How to clean inside of the shoes? Hhmm.... pretty tricky as these are vintage shoes and I was not sure the history of the shoes. I googled to find a solution. And I did.

The magic ingredient is tea tree oil. Pour tea tree oil into water in the ratio 1:4. One part of tea tree oil for every 4 parts of water used. Dab a cloth into the solution and wipe inside of the shoes. For hard to reach spots, use cotton bud. After that, put the shoes to dry out in the Sun. I did not put them out long as the Sun is pretty hot over this part of the world. Just one to two minutes in the Sun and couple of minutes under the fan.

Now these babies are ready to walk the walk.


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