Saturday, January 15, 2011

Red plaid alert

Weekend is here! It is good to have some time to chill out and relax but I am behind schedule for fashion project. Trying to fit in sewing into my schedule. At times, after work, I feel tired and wanted to relax and not doing nothing at all (besides blogging and checking out etsy). Or on Sunday,s which is the best day to catch up on stuff, there is always unexpected invitation. or outing.. Perhaps it is better for me to learn to say 'NO' to certain things and have a bit of my 'ME' time?

The look:
Plaid vintage dress
Thrifted belt
Strappy like heels
Beads necklace


  1. I absolutely LOVE the length on that dress! Its all so beautiful, and suits you wonderfully!

  2. lovely dress!! 8D love it!!!!

    ya, most of the time if i get an invitation but i feel the need of being alone and have 'me' time, i'll just say no. Remember, there are no obligation to anything! =D

  3. Love this dress! I actually found something similar on my latest vintage shopping trip :)

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