Thursday, January 6, 2011

Between wanting and needing...

The above is (small) part of my shoes collection; oxford shoes. I have flat oxford shoes in black, black and white and brown whilst there is a pair of black oxford heels. But, wait a minute, I think there is a missing pair - brown oxford heels. I have been looking for a pair of brown or tan oxford heels for a while now but to no avail. Well, not exactly, it was just that I was unlucky. Ordered a pair through an online blog shop but the shoes arrived in not so good condition at the hands of the seller. The seller was kind and considerate enough to check with me first prior sending them to me. To cut the story short, the seller refunded my full payment for the pair that I ordered.

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Came across another blog shop that sells the exactly the same pair as the pair that I ordered earlier. Cost of damage is below RM100.

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Or to purchase from ZARA as they are having SALE now. The damage would be RM169.90.

To buy or not to buy? I want them but do I really need them? Sigh.


  1. Loving your choice in shoes! They speak for themselves when added to an outfit :)

    VPV Intern

  2. kaelyn!! just want to know if u get the black and white oxford from agape boutique coz im planning to get one! haha want to know if the quality is good. ^^