Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blue shoes and yellow belt

My first 'vintage dress for work' post. l love the print, the colour and the collar; pussy bow. Bought the dress from a flea market and luckily the dress does not need any alteration at all. Phew... save me some work. Do I look like a secretary?

The look:
Vintage dress
Yellow elastic belt
Blue heels

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  1. Hey Kaelyn!! Thanks for replying me! Oh I saw your oxford shoes and it's exactly the same as the one I saw on Agape's catalog . wanted to buy it for the longest time. Think I'll be getting it next month. ;D

    I love this post! You should do more 'vintage for work' posts! ^^ Please share with us where you shop in KL. It's so hard to find a thrift store. U_U