Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Buying vintage shoes online

The packages that I have been waiting for have finally arrived. But I never thought I would be receiving two packages at the same day though. Perhaps, today, 11th Jan 2011 is a special date? In December, besides shopping for a vintage bag, I have tried my hands on online shopping for vintage shoes.

I was scared because I was not really sure what to expect. Just imagine that, I need to visualise how the shoes would look like on me and at the same time I am unable to touch, feel and try the shoes on. But once I have convinced myself that it would be ok; there is nothing much to worry about, I have begun my vintage shoes shopping on Etsy.

Before that, I need to obtain my feet measurements by drawing my feet on two separate pieces of paper. Measure the tip of the toes (the longest point) to the end of the foot. This would be the length of foot. Then measure the widest part of the foot. These measurements are useful when deciding on the size of the shoes.

Compare these measurements with the desired shoes' measurement. If there are differences, mostly probably it may not fit well but I would try to find in my own shoes collection if I have any shoes with such measurements. Or I would refer to the most comfortable or best fit shoes' measurement as guideline.

I purchased one of these pairs of shoes without doing much research on buying vintage shoes online. Here are some guidelines (after doing my research):

1. Buy leather vintage shoes. Leather are more durable than vinyl.
2. Condition of the shoes; do they need lot of touching up/repair? etc
3. Shoes that are made in Italy and Spain.
4. Shoes with chunky heels for more lasting life.

Communication with the seller is very important therefore, ask questions to seek clarifications - about the shoes, the packaging etc. Don't assume.

Anyway, I am glad the shoes arrived safely!

To my surprise, without bubble wrap, the shoes arrived in good conditions. The seller just wrapped the shoes with thin paper and placed them inside an envelop and then in another envelop.

Pick classic design. Classic is the safest design but it is your call.

Condition of outer sole. In good vintage condition.

Minor peeling inside of the shoes.

As for the second pair of the shoes, the seller shipped them in a box. Received in good condition.

In good vintage condition.

Condition of outer sole is in very good condition as if it is a new pair of shoes.

Hope this is useful to you when buying vintage shoes online. Good luck and happy shopping!



  1. hi Kaelyn, jw which online shop did you went to buy these lovely shoes? ahah have you ever shop at modcloth?

  2. Hi, I bought these shoes from etsy :-) Nope. I have not shopped at modcloth. What about you? Have you shopped at modcloth before?

  3. can you link me to the particular etsy shop if u still can remember? ;)
    lolnop haveny boughy anything frm modcloth cos the price is wayy OTT and if there is even a sale my fav item would usually out of stock or sold out. They should provide free shipping worldwide aleast once a year or whteer or be kind like asos. xD

  4. I shopped these etsy shops for shoes:

    I love to check out this shop, especially sales section: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ReanimatedRags

    Hope these are useful.

  5. thanks so much kaelyn! ive been wandering around for these kinda of shoes actually..xo

  6. you're welcome. happy hunting and good luck!