Monday, April 11, 2011

An almost shopping spree Sunday

It was truly an almost shopping spree last Sunday. Still had to look after my wallet or piggy bank though. Had to control myself. First stop was Kutu Market at Bistro 69, Metropolitan Square. If I am not mistaken, I think there were two vintage stalls, which I bought these items:

I know, I know, I bought a similar sailor top last month, with white stripes. I love sailor top and here is a little secret, I like man in uniform especially in navy uniform or sailor uniform :-) Perhaps this is the reason why I love sailor top so much...

After that, I went home to continue doing my house chores (most probably the most boring chores- ironing clothes, cleaning etc). Lah' Lah' Land: Flea What? fashion bazaar was on my to-go-flea market for the day. Somehow, my phone went kaput after dropping it (ouch....). Well, not totally kaput but somehow it is not the same as before. Took few photos of the bazaar but I could not locate them inside my phone. Sigh.

Anyway, it was good to catch up a bit with Ana and Tirah. Oh, I bought a vintage blazer from anaabu at a good deal - 50% of the price. Ana had a price slash on that day and it would be a shame for those who have missed this.

On another note, remember I mentioned about my pre-loved clothes? Well, I hope I was able to thank the buyers personally on that day but unfortunately I could not. Thanks to Ana for your kind assistance too. Thanks again!

Hope everyone will have a very good week ahead!

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