Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fashion Project: Bow Shoe Socks

Finding the right of pair vintage shoes is not an easy task. It takes time and patience. Vintage shoes are very limited in terms of sizes and designs. Budget is also another factor that needs to take into consideration.

I have waited and waited and finally decided to take charge of the situation. At first I thought of getting plain white or ivory pumps and bow shoe clips but after much calculation and thought, it is more economical to DIY bow shoe clips instead of getting a pair from etsy. Checked with one haberdashery shop if they sell shoe clips but unfortunately they do not. Well, I guess I had to look for an alternative and I came up with this version, which I do not know how to call it - bow shoe socks?

What you need:
Socks which do not cover the foot totally (sorry for the poor terminology)
White interface
Satin fabric
Thread and needle

Take measurement to know the size of the bow to make. Draw one rectangle of 1.5" X 2" and another one, 0.5" X 2.5" on a piece of paper as the patterns. Place and pin these on folded fabric. Leaving some allowance and cut the rectangles out. Unfold them and place the pieces on white interface and cut accordingly. Use an iron to iron the pieces of fabric (big piece only) and interface together. This makes the fabric more stiff. Pin on the sides and these pieces are ready to be sewn!

Sew the pinned sides. Turn the pieces to bring out the right side of fabric out. For the big piece, stitch the closure. Fold few creases and hold onto the middle of it and stitch few stitches to secure it. Take the other piece (narrower and longer) and place in the middle and wrap around the other piece.

Stitch the strip together onto the bigger piece. The bow is done. Take out the socks and try them on. Pin as to mark the spot to stitch the bow onto the sock. Trim the excess bit of the socks, in this case the lace finishing, leaving some bit for stitching the bow. The bow shoe sock is ready to put to the test. Well, there were some extra bits that still showing. I tucked in the extra bits to hid the sock (somehow).

I was inspired by a shopping review blog which reviewed a similar concept of product. So this does not come from me. I just improvised from what I have seen. The total cost of this project is about RM5 (for the lace socks from Daiso).

Hope you will give this a try - you can make the bows in different colours, different fabrics/prints and also different position.

Happy trying and sewing! Oh Happy Easter too for those who would be celebrating it.


  1. wow you are so talented!
    are you still studying or already working?

  2. Hi - thanks for your kind words. I am working.