Thursday, April 7, 2011

Second life

At times, digging offer bins can be fun especially when you found something nice. Nice at a great price. I found the white blazer in one of the offer bins at a flea market. The flaws of the blazer are a missing button and stains on one of the sleeves.

Do not fret, these flaws can be fixed (quite) easily. For the missing button, I have decided to change all the buttons to give the blazer a fresh look. Check out this link: for video tutorial on sewing buttons.

As to the stains, if stain remover is unable to clean the stains, when wearing the blazer, just roll the sleeves up. Or the length of the sleeves can be shorten. There are no specific rules in giving second life to a piece of garment.

If you are wondering the cost, of this little effort well, cost of the buttons is less than RM5 whilst the blazer itself is RM5. The cost is quite reasonable. One vintage or used blazer can cost from RM15 up to over RM30.

Do try to dig offer bins and have fun finding your treasures!

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