Tuesday, July 19, 2011

treasure (plastic) chest

Whilst sorting out things to pack, I came across a plastic container full items like a vest, a skirt, two bustiers to name a few. These were my so-called coursework when I was studying at IFTC in fashion design and dressmaking couple of years ago. Oh boy, how time flies.

Back then, as a student, due to limited financial support and to save money on buying material for coursework purposes, I bought fabric based on the price tag instead of the print of the material. Hhhmm.. not sure if I made a wise choice using colourful striped fabric to make a vest.

Unfinished sleeveless shirt. Always 'forgotten' to sew buttons on any clothes, not just this piece.

This is a cute piece. A 8-piece skirt. Perhaps I should move this skirt from the box into my wardrobe...

How I wish I could study again. If I could study again, what should I study? Shoes making or Bag making?

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