Tuesday, July 26, 2011

thrifting and etsy rule

I was off yesterday. Needed to have a tiny little break from work. On my day off, I would thrift at places that are not opened on weekends. The Red Crescent Thrift Store is one of these places. I know, I know, I am not supposed to buy more things whilst I am in the processing of packing and sorting out stuff at home. But I was curious to know what is in store...

1980s dress

Mulberry (vintage?) bag

LV catalogue

I bought a lovely printed 1980s dress, a Mulberry bag and a LV catalogue. The dress is perfect for work, so it went into my shopping basket straight away. The Mulberry bag was in good condition. At first, I did not recognize the brand and got mixed up with Burberry. How silly of me... The design of the bag is cute and I did not hesitate to put into my cart. As for the LV catalogue, it is just for my collection on fashion books.

Tapestry bag, made in France, bought from etsy

vintage flower brooches, bought from etsy

More excitement to come when items that I have ordered from etsy have finally and safely arrived! New tapestry bag and pretty flower brooches to add into my collection of bags and brooches. Yay! Yesterday was indeed a great day! No Monday blues...

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