Monday, May 13, 2013

fashion project: blouse makeover

Happy Monday and hope no one catches Monday blues. If anyone did, well I hope you feel better soon after a nice cup of coffee, tea or perhaps after reading this fashion project. Why? At times, we feel like we have nothing to wear whilst there are many (many, many) clothes in our wardrobe and since there are many (not going to stress the quantity again) clothes, we try very hard not to shop... but still aching to window shop or shop. Here is a little makeover blouse project to update an old top, giving a fresh new look. Save some bucks for shopping or travel fund.


an old top, ready for a makeover

what you need

What you need:

A pair of scissors
Measuring tape
Tailoring chalk
Bias tape 
Seam ripper 
Sewing machine (not in the above photo)

detach shoulder pad
Using a seam ripper, remove shoulder pads.

measure sleeve length
Turn the top to the wrong side. 
Measure desired sleeve length and mark with tailoring chalk.

mark the length
Using a tailoring ruler, mark the allowance and length on the sleeves on both sides.

Cut the excess fabric using a pair of scissors.

attach bias tape
Now, turn the top over and work on the right side of the top. 
Pin bias tape along the marked sleeve length.

Sew the bias tape onto the sleeve.

cut excess fabric
Cut the excess fabric and then fold the remaining bias tape inside towards the wrong side. 
Pin and sew accordingly.

repeat for the other sleeve
Repeat for the other sleeve.

repeat for collar
Repeat for the collar.

Here is the finished blouse

What do you think of this project? Difficult or easy? Hope this helps to inspire anyone to update their old tops instead of just chucking it straight into recycle bin. Hope you will give it a try and do let me know if you have any questions or feedback on this project. 

Have a good and productive week ahead. Always stay stylish and chic!

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