Monday, May 20, 2013

hk walk: shau kei wan

shau kei wan

How was your weekend? Good, I hope. I went for another walk; Shau Kei Wan area last Saturday. This was an easy walk and I followed the directions on the map below exactly, without any changes or getting lost


shing wong temple
Shing Wong Temple

Shau Kei Wan is located on HK island and to get here, hop onto Island line heading towards Chai Wan. Alight at Shau Kei Wan Exit C. Walk along Mong Lung Street and turn left into Kam Wa Street heading towards to tram terminus. Walk straight and pass the tram terminus. Shing Wong Temple is near the tram terminus. This temple was built in 1877 and expanded in 1974.

salvation army's thrift store

Walk along Shau Kei Wan main street East to Miu Tung Street. Along the way, I came across a SA family thrift store. This was indeed a pleasant surprise and a thrifting stop for any thriftaholics.

tin hau temple
Tin Hau Temple

Tin Hau Temple is dedicated to the Goddess of sea. Recently, it was Tin Hau festival thus the temple has been decorated with colourful flags and sign.

tsung shin church
Tsung Tsin Church

After Tin Hau Temple, walk along Shau Kei Wan main street East, then turn right to Basel Road. Walk up hill a little, the church is the left. The church was built in 1862 and rebuilt after the war.

yuk wong temple
Yuk Wong Temple

Continue walk along Shau Kei Wan main street East to A Kung Ngam Village Road. Look for directional signs for Yuk Wong Temple.

museum entrance
Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence

Follow directional signs for Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence, cross Tung Hei road. Turn right and the museum near by. For more photos of the museum, click here.

tam kung temple
Tam Kung Temple

After checking out the museum, walk back along the Tam Kung Temple Road and follow the signs to the temple. Tam Kung is one of the deities and patron of fishermen. The temple is over 100 years old and was renovated in 2002.

What do you think of this walk? Interesting and simple? Well, another walk has just completed and I can't wait for another walk.. Hhhmm... which and when is the next walk?

Have a great week ahead and stay stylish!

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