Tuesday, May 14, 2013

hk walk: central and western district

It was sunny with some interval pf rains but this did not stop me from exploring Central and Western District of HK island last Saturday. I have been waiting for the right day with the right weather to go for recommended HK walks. Autumn changed to Winter, Winter to Spring and now early Summer... "it is time." I said to myself. And then I found myself set off to HK island...


This is the map that I used for the walk as my guide.

western market

Take Island line MTR and alight at Sheung Wan station. Exit at Exit B, turn right and walk about three minutes. This is Western Market which houses some restaurants, fabric stores and stores selling art. The Western Market is open daily from 10 am to midnight.

wing lok street - ginseng and bird's nest street

Then walk along Morrison Street, turn left into Wing Lok Street.At this point, to be honest, I did not really follow the map.This street is lined with specialty shops selling ginseng and bird's nest.

As I walked further down this street, I came across with SASA outlet. A great short stop for those who want to grab some bargain of beauty and personal care products.

man mo temple

Somehow I made my way through to Ladder Street and hit Hollywood Street. Few metres ahead of me is the Man Mo Temple. The temple opens daily from 8 am to 6 pm.

As I walked along Hollywood Street until a junction, Aberdeen Street, I wanted to checked out Bang Bang! 70 but it was closed. Maybe next time? But I was lucky as Vintage HK was opened and I had my little walk distraction here. Although I did not get anything, it was a good distraction or stop.

former central police station compound

Instead of checking out Mid-levels Escalator, I walked straight ahead and came across former central police station under restoration or upgrading work. Here is a photo of the other buildings in the same compound.

fringe club

Next, I walked to Lower Albert Road past the Fringe Club. Don't you think it is an unique looking building?

duddell street gas lamps

I walked and followed signs to Duddle Street. These are the only gas lamps in Hong Kong and are turned on daily at 6pm.

old supreme court building

Final stop is the Old Supreme Court Building which is at Des Voeux Road Central. 

This walk took about one and a half to two hours to complete. For this walk, you can add two vintage stores into your stops. A good mix of walk and window shopping, don't you think? Hope this gives an idea what to explore in HK. Stay tuned for more HK walks. 

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