Tuesday, June 19, 2012

fashion project: from one-piece to two-piece


I found this vintage dress in one of my unpacked boxes weeks ago. The dress was in quite good condition beside the sleeves. They were ripped from its armholes. Just when I needed to be inspired for fashion project, I came across with Blooming Leopold's sewing Saturday's entry; creating co-ord playsuit from a maxi dress. And the rest was history... 

what u need

What you need:

A pair of scissors 
Tailoring chalk
Tailoring ruler
Seam ripper
Elastic band
Thread (not in the above photo)
Safety pin (not in the above photo)
Sewing machine (not in the above photo)

1 remove sleeves

Remove and keep the sleeves aside.

2 separate top n skirt

Cut the dress into two parts; separating the top from the skirt.

3 mark new length

Mark new length of the top.

4 cuffs

Cut cuffs from the sleeves and remove the buttons.

5 pin armholes

Pin the allowance around the armholes into the wrong side of fabric.

6 pin bottom of top

Pin the bottom of the top.

7 sew

Sewing time. Sew the armholes and bottom of the top.

8 iron

Iron newly sewn parts.

9 add button

As the back is quite baggy, make an inverted pleated to take in some excess fabric. To decorate the pleat, add a button (optional).

10 add cuffs

Reuse the cuffs as extension of straps from the top.

12 mark new length for skirt

Now, let's work on the skirt. Cut off uneven fabric (if there is any). Mark new length for the skirt. 

13 making elasticated waist

Fold about 1.5 cm to 2.0 cm of fabric at the waist part of the skirt into the wrong side of the skirt. Pin and sew around the skirt but leaving about 2.0 cm at the end. 

14 thread the elastic

Measure the elastic band by stretching it on the waist of the skirt. This is for one side, remember to repeat this step again to cover the other side. Leave some allowance to sew both ends of the elastic band together. Pin a safety pin at the end of the elastic band and start threading. 

15 pin hem of the skirt

Pin and sew the hem of the skirt.

Here are the finished look:

finished top

finished top back

finished skirt

What do you think? Adorable outfit? It is a simple project but involves many steps. Hope this does not hinder anyone to give it a try. Happy sewing!

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