Monday, October 31, 2011

rm5 finds

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I can not believe that two months to go before 2011 ends. What a year! But before I go into details on 2011's journey, here I would like to share my purchases this month.

Besides 'one in, one out' rule, I have set that if any piece that requires any alteration, I would not purchase it. As for the price, not more than RM10. If it is way than RM10, surely that piece is an one of kind. Simple, straight forward and easy to follow.

So, back to my purchases...

Pleated skirt from a bundle shop in Ipoh, RM5

Knit sleeveless cardigan from Amcorp Mall, RM5

Beret from TPM, Shah Alam, RM5

Finding great stuff at very affordable price is the reason I love thrifting so much! Thrifting rules!

Have a good week ahead!

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