Tuesday, October 4, 2011

from vintage clothes to vintage furniture...

Whilst I was in Ipoh last weekend, I was lucky to discover a new place that sells and buys second hand and vintage furniture. As I am in the middle of moving and settling, it would be good to check out what they have in store... some vintage furniture caught my eyes but I purchased two pieces for my new room..

Vintage dresser and cabinet

Vintage metal typist desk

Before purchasing these lovely vintage furniture pieces, I was not so excited to make over my new room but now, I have started to plan the make over; colour of the walls, curtain etc. Tough and stressful work. But I believe, once the make over is done, I would be satisfied with the outcome (keeping my fingers crossed).

Blue stool from Second Charm

What do you think of this little blue stool to go with the typist desk?


  1. the desk looks so mad men-ish..lol love it! how much was your overall purchase?

  2. less than RM400 minus the transportation fee :-) good deal, don't you think?

  3. cool :) whre tht store is?