Friday, October 28, 2011

not a fashion project

Hope everyone is doing well. Sorry that I have not been making any entries lately. There were so many distractions, mainly after work outings with fellow colleagues. Now, I hoping to post entry as usual.

As you all might know that I am in the middle of decorating my bedroom. The theme of my bedroom is romantic French style; which most of the furniture is in white or ivory colour with a touch of shabbiness or distressed look. This was my first attempt to paint my bed frame to achieve shabby or distressed look.

Bed frame

Items needed

I have been searching for paint instructions online and I purchased a book on painting on wood but I received a good tip from decorative artist of Creative Cottage, Mr. Zahir, on how to achieve this look easily. He advised me to use dry brush painting. Before going into how to paint such effect, you would need the following items for this project:

White paint (for wood)
Hard brush (preferably old brush)
Turpentine (to wash brush)
Plastic cover (optional to cover any items)

Before actual painting, I dipped the brush into the paint and then brushed off excessive paint either on the opening rim of the paint or on a piece of newspaper. At the same time, it gave you some practice before the actual painting.

The key of this technique is that the brush needs to be almost dry. And in my opinion, there is no need any particular experience painting to try to paint this effect. Furthermore, there is no hard and fast rule here as long as the shabbiness or distressed look is achieved.

Here is a sneak peek... What do you think?

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