Monday, August 15, 2011

thrifting adventures and finds

Missed my outfit post last Saturday as I was in Ipoh over the weekend for family affairs. Managed to include thrifting trips into the visit. The usual thrifting spots are the Salvation's Army's thrift store and also Memory Lane.

It has become a routine to thrift at these places every time I am back in Ipoh, whenever I have the chance to do so. At times, I have luck finding great pieces either bag, shoes or clothes. Whilst, other times, I could find one or two items or nothing at all. This round, I was pretty lucky and almost broke...

1980s Arturo Chiang peep toe wedges

a collector's edition of STILETTO special Chanel 2005 issue from Novelhut

I am in love with the sewing machine legs or frame. I would like to use it as a table stand. The table would be an unique and lovely piece. Wish I had additional money to spend...

bags, bags and

more bags...

I was very lucky to come across vintage sewing book last weekend. Most of the time, many stalls offer vintage knitting magazines or books instead of vintage sewing book.

1950s or 1960s beaded bag

1950s or 1960s beaded bag

Besides tapestry bags, I am quite obsessed with beaded bags. These bags are one of a kind, so classic, elegant and feminine. I am imagining the previous owner of these bags paired these them with lovely cheongsam and strolling down the quiet streets in Old Ipoh Town...

Hope everyone had a great weekend and have a good week ahead!

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