Tuesday, August 16, 2011

a glimpse of ipoh, city that tin build

Ipoh, the capital city of Perak, was founded in the 1890s. At one time, it was the richest mining region of the world. During this period, many Chinese came to Ipoh to work in tin mining. In the 1950s, Ipoh was well-known as a hedonistic hotspot for entertainment and night life (cabarets, night clubs and theatre halls). the price of tin went downhill in the 1970s and unfortunately it affected the city. Attempts have been taken to revitalize the city and slowly the city is growing and developing again.

During my visit last weekend, I had a bit of walking around the Old Town bit of Ipoh. Took some photos of the surroundings of Jalan Bandar Timah (Tin City Road)...

These are just some old buildings. The studio photo is not ordinary studio with fancy entrance and display. Maybe it has been established since the 1960s? Perhaps I should take more photos of old buildings in Ipoh and take on a heritage trail. Whilst doing a bit research old Ipoh town, I came across these interesting websites; Ipohworld's World and a post on Ipoh heritage trail on ipohnkinta.blogspot.com.

What I like about old buildings besides its architecture is the beauty of paint-peeling walls - that old and abandon feel. And I also like bicycles as my subject in my photos. Don't know why, but I just love bicycle or bicycles against a wall, chained to a post or just simply placed under a tree and etc.

And anything to do with a cat too!

It is good to have a day off, tomorrow, in the middle of the week. For those who will be off for work tomorrow, have a great day and for those who will be working, happy working!



  1. wow..i should visit ipoh soon!
    kedai gambar tu dah tutup forever ke? :C

  2. Hi Arina - I think you should visit Ipoh :) Good thrifting and delicious food :D Not sure as the photo was taken on Sunday...