Monday, August 22, 2011

i have got my eyes on...

How was your Monday? Good? Did you get any Monday blues? Mine was busy, busy and busy. My remedy for Monday blues is thinking about the next item to be purchased. Here I have listed few items that I would love to buy but there is always this question pops into my head: "Do I need another piece of bead bag, a flower hat, another pair peep toe shoes?" But the tan oxford heels, it is a must-have for me. I have been looking offline and online for a pair... And now the search is (almost) over.

Have a great week ahead!

PS: Hope there will be no interruption on posting for this week. If I did not post any entry, I might be too tired after work and I might be occupied with packing and all.


  1. with a busy day or maybe a busy week it is best or wise to lay off the shopping.

  2. Those oxford pumps are amazing! A must have.