Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fashion Project: fixing a brooch the old fashioned way

One of the flower brooches that I bought from etsy was sort of faulty, without any secure pin. I knew this prior to the purchase but it is such a lovely piece that I thought to myself perhaps it can be fixed.

What you will need:

A tiny piece of felt material
A safety pin
A pair of scissors

Firstly, cut out a tiny piece of felt material and wrap around the tiny bar-like bit. Stitch the felt piece together. Then stitch the pin on the felt bit. To secure the position of the pin, stitch the head and the loop bit of the pin onto the back of the brooch as shown.

Though the fixing was not done professionally, at least it would give the brooch a second life. If you have a glue gun, you can use it to glue the pin. The way I shared here is for those who do not have glue gun. Perhaps I should invest one as it might come handy one of these days.

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