Saturday, November 13, 2010

New gal on the block

Felt like a school girl today even though I was wearing a floral skirt of tiny roses. Hhhmm.... must be the cutting of the skirt; full skirt. Or the off-white top. This outfit was not what I had in mind. Initially, I planned to wear a brooch and pearl necklace but this would be too lady like. I scrapped this idea off from my head and be playful a bit by tying a knot on the blouse and paired the outfit with white socks and flat oxford shoes.

The look:
Vintage top from I'm Your Personal Shopper
Thrifted vintage skirt
Thrifted belt
Flat oxford shoes

Just found out that EU Film Festival has started and this means that I would be hitting cinema more often than ever next week. Will try to blog as usual. Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend so far!


  1. This look is very school girl, but the length of the skirt makes it cute! I love the socks and shoes combo of this look. You always look so cute.

  2. you look so adorable and amazing!

  3. simple and sweet outfit :) I love the skirt

  4. Hi all - thanks for your comments!