Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fashion Project: Mending holes

Not all vintage dresses, tops, skirts or pants come in perfect condition. It is a pity to bin lovely items due to some defects such as stains, holes, serious wear and tear. However there is one or two ways to salvage these lovely finds. For stains, you use stain removers, but what about holes? Just mend the holes.

You need:

1. Fabric remnant of your piece or find fabric which is the closest (in terms of colour or print) to the desired piece. In my case, I altered my tiny roses skirt and I still have the remnant with me.
2. Interfacing which is gauze like piece with one side comes with adhesive. This part is a bit shinny.
3. A pair of scissors
4. Few pins (which are not in the above photo)
5. Iron (which is not in the above photo)

Here are the holes to be mended.

Find the best match of the damaged part (holes) on the piece of remnant and cut it out. Small piece just enough to cover the holes.

Place the cut out piece and on the shinny part of the interfacing. Leave some allowance around the cut out piece and cut accordingly.

Find the holes and place the set of cut outs of small piece of remnant on interfacing directly under the holes on the skirt.

Pin the pieces together.

To avoid the gluey part of the interfacing sticking onto your iron, place a piece of paper between the interfacing and the iron.

Press the iron onto it and wait for few seconds until the interfacing sticks onto the skirt.

The holes have been fixed. This is the inside view of the skirt.

And this is the outside view of the skirt. Can you see the difference?

Hope this helps to save your favourite piece(s) or any potential purchase in the future. Have a great week ahead. I am looking forward to have a day off tomorrow due to a public holiday. Oh, Selamat Hari Raya Haji to all Muslim readers/bloggers.


  1. great article for vintage lovers! hihi :)
    kaelyn, thank you for your comments.really cheer me up :)

  2. Hi Ana - good to hear that you are feeling better and thanks for your comment. Yeah, hope it comes handy to anyone who needs it :-)