Saturday, June 19, 2010

V-day and flea market (again?!)

V-day? Is it Valentine's Day? No. V-day is Vintage Day. Would like to commemorate vintage fashion on every Saturday. The look must have at least one vintage item either dress, blouse, skirt, pants, belt or bag. Let's the first V-Day begins...

The look:
Checked vintage dress
Yellow/Black belt
Vintage bag
Flat ballerina shoes

Flea market: Pick n Grab
Yes, another flea market. This time I thought that I would not buy anything but guess what?! I purchased a pair of black oxford shoes and two dresses at a very, very good deal. My friend and I have been looking for oxford shoes for a long time. And finally we found them! One item to cut off from my wish list but I still need to look for brown / tan oxford shoes and also oxford heels.

I heard that Urbanscapes (26th June) is an event not to be missed. It's an event filled with music, performing arts and shopping. Another temptation?

Note: Apologies for poor quality photos. Photos were taken using mobile phone camera.

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