Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fashion experiment: White tank top

One of my must-have items is white tank top. It is not only cheap but also very versatile. It can be styled into different looks from casual to work.

Chic casual
Switch the usual denim pants to cotton like skirt and add a belt. Accessorize with necklace or bangle. Statement necklace would add more 'umph' but I chose to be minimal for this look.

Three vintage items are used for this look - skirt, belt and bag. Let these items speak for themselves.

Climbing corporate ladder
Replace the usual blazer with long vest. Pair with red shoes to add sexiness. The look is tough yet sexy.

Ready for appraisal
Layer a tank top over a dress. It is a bit preppy though.

For those who love wearing pants more than skirts, just pair the white tank top with a pair of black/grey/navy blue pants. Add accessories and you are ready to go. Wear a blazer for a polished look.

Tank tops are good for layering too - layer over a shirt or over another tank top. Get few them in different colours - black, blue, red or any colour you fancy - because you will never know when they will become handy.

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