Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oh what a weekend!

This weekend was almost a perfect weekend filled with good company, good bargains, interesting book and serendipitous discovery despite my cough, which at times is killing me slowly. What a torture.

Good Company & Good Bargains
I've enjoyed the company of my hometown friends for dinner on Saturday night and friends from work for drinks after dinner. My friends and I were early for the drinks, so we decided to check out boutiques in Bangsar. I am bad in resisting a very great deal - RM10 for a dress! Very tempting indeed. Taking the risk of not be able to give it a try, I purchased the dress anyway, knowing the fact I have loads of them.

Earlier today, I had lunch with friends from work and we checked out Bijou Bazaar in Solaris Dutamas. Hoping there would be more vintage stalls but to my dismay, there were one or two. Somehow I purchased three items from some of the stalls there. They are not vintage.

Interesting Book
Currently I am reading 'A Vintage Affair' by Isabel Wolff. And I am almost finished reading the book, just left about quarter of the book to go. The story is revolved around a girl who owns a vintage dress shop - her family, her work/business, men in her life.... It is a typical chic lit, I would say. But it's a good read as it is light and easy to relate to since I'm into vintage dresses.

Serendipitous discovery
I discovered by accident whilst browsing another blog. I think it's a cool site and contemplating whether I should give it a try or not... hhmm...

Another weekend has gone and Monday is around the corner. The word 'work' just came straight to my mind. Keeping my fingers crossed that I would not have Monday blues.


  1. nice dress dear! and it's green! :D
    ouh i would like to got to the boutique in bangsar! is it a vintage boutique dear?

    and i wish o could join any bazaar right now. but they are so far away T.T

  2. thanks :-). sadly it's not a vintage boutique. that would be great. it's a lovely green :-)