Sunday, January 28, 2018

mademoiselle privé - lesage workshop

In addition to visiting Mademoiselle Privé exhibition, I signed up for Lesage, embroiderer workshop. It was fun and unforgettable experience. In the workshop studio many samples of embroidery are displayed which provided an opportunity to observe these up close.   

lesage 1 - entrance

The silhouettes of Coco Chanel at the store's window

lesage 2

Displays of books on Chanel and samples of lesage 

lesage 3

lesage 4

lesage 5

lesage 6

Before the workshop commenced, each participant was treated with a hot drink; coffee or tea. The workshop started with a welcoming note and some informaton of Lesage division in Chanel. The trainers are employees from Lesage divison and I felt it was privileged to be taught by them. We were taught on how to sew beads and sequins following the samples given. Each of us was given the chance to choose one piece that we would like to work on. I chose medium size star. By the end of the exhibition, they are hoping all the stars are completed.

lesage 7

Workshop piece for learning 

lesage 8
Samples to follow 

Upon completion of the workshop, each participant received a certificate of attendance as a momento and not forgetting photo opportunity of the piece that we worked on or even with the trainers (if you want to, furthermore they are friendly)!

lesage 9

Certificate of attendance 

Both the exhibition and the workshop are worth the visit especially if you are a fan of Chanel or a fashion lover. Now, I am keeping my eyes open for any fashion exhibition in Hong Kong. Don't want to miss them!

Hope you are having a nice weekend, till my next post, stay chic!

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