Saturday, November 3, 2012

500th post

3 nov 1

3 nov 2
the look: vintage dress, thrifted vintage belt, necklace and kitten heels shoes

500th post! Can you believe it? Well, it is kind of hard to believe. And I have been here for three months! Oh boy, how time flies so quickly. I am juggling between work, studies, 'me time' and of course blogging. I must admit I have not been a good blogger lately. Sorry for this and I hope I can manage my time better!

Anyway, hope you like my outfit for 500th post although it is not very autumn like outfit. It is more a summer like outfit, don't you think? Well, can't blame me as I am from a tropical climate country. 

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. love the dress and shoes. congrats on 500th post! :D

  2. Hi kak congrats on ur 500th.. I hope you will reply to ur comments! There arent that many actually..heheh

    1. Hi there - thanks for your comment. I have sent you an email. Hope you have received it :)