Saturday, September 15, 2012

sham shui po revisited

I revisited Sham Shui Po area in search of fabrics, sewing items and sewing machine. Thanks to my friend, she sent me a link of a blog entry about sewing material in Hong Kong, which is very useful. Click here to check out the entry. After reading that post, I have decided to explore Sham Shui Po area again. I walked from Cheung Sha Wan road to Nam Cheong street, Yu Chau street, Wong Chuk street, Apliu Street to name some streets that I can remember.

textile shop 3

fabric swatches 1
Fabric swatches

fabric 1

fabric 2
Fabric stalls along the street


Buttons and threads


lace collars
Crochet collars

hasberdashery shop
Sewing supplies shop

sewing machine
Sewing machines

This is quite a fruitful trip. I came across many fabrics shops, haberdashery and not forgetting two shops selling sewing machines. Now I have a rough idea of how much a sewing machine would cost. The most basic Brother sewing machine (XL-5050) costs HK$2000. This sewing machines come with 26 stitch functions. Another interesting model is Innov-is 30 which has 70 stitches, selling at HK$4500. Hhmm... I think I would need to look for Singer sewing machines or shop around before deciding.

purchase 1

purchase 2

purchase 3

Made some purchases during this trip. Two purchases for a DIY project and another one for mending clothes. I know this would not be the last trip there and looking forward for many visits there once I have purchased a sewing machine.

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