Monday, September 10, 2012

new found hobby


Once a friend of mine told that me one tends to read more when he/she is away from home. At first I have doubt with her statement because on holidays, I brought a book to read or intend to read but in the end the book was untouched at all. However, I think there is a truth in her statement. When I am away from the blogging world now, I read. At the moment, I am on the second book; Tales of passion, Tales of woe by Sandra Gulland. My first book was The other Boleyn girl and I have finished it within 10 days. Based on my own reading record, I am a slowly reader. I took weeks or months to finish a book particularly a very thick book. That was consider fast.

hollywood house

Flow Books, 7/F, Hollywood House, 29, Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong,

Anyway, I purchased second hand books instead of brand new books. And I picked them up from Flow Books in Central. It is relatively small store packed with books of all genres, from travels to chic lit to cookbooks. During my first visit, I came across a coffee table book on Audrey Hepburn. I almost wanted to buy it but realizing that I might know have the space to keep the book, I put it back on the shelf...

Have you read any interesting books lately? 

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