Wednesday, August 29, 2012

vintage floral hat and vintage peignoir set


vintage hat

pegnior set 1

pegnoir set 2

Prior to my move, I purchased a vintage floral hat and a peignoir set through Etsy. And I waited patiently for these lovely items to be sent to my new home in Hong Kong. Couple of days after my arrival, I am delighted to receive parcels at work. What a great way to start new adventure here! I can't wait to wear the vintage floral hat and strolling the streets. The peignoir set look comfy and adorable. A lovely addition into my sleepwear attire. I guess I own almost every type of vintage items; from shoes to bags, brooches to sleepwear.... but no intimate pieces though.  


  1. These are so lovely! very romantic :)
    Good luck with your new life! <3

  2. Do share the etsy shop! Are they cheap? ;) heheh.. So so adorable kak! The peignoir looks very clean.. are they pre-laundered or deadstock?

    1. Bought peignoir set from this seller: and the vintage hat from this seller: I would not say cheap but affordable ;) Don't think the set is deadstock, no tag.