Tuesday, August 28, 2012

new place, new life, new direction...


main entrance sam tung uk museum

sham shui po signs


clothes for sale




Hello, happy Tuesday! Hope you are well. Things are going well here. Installed internet connection at home couple of days ago. Yay! There are loads of catching up to do though...But it is great to get connected again, checking out lovely vintage outfits and vintage finds of fellow bloggers.

Here is a quick note. With this move, it has changed my life a little (well, at least at this point) and with this change, I believe this would somehow affect the direction of my blog. Instead of sharing thrifting adventures, vintage finds and DIY projects, now I would write a little about my life here, to share exciting, ups and downs and new adventures with you, my dear readers. 

Hope you have enjoyed these photos. Stay tuned for more entries...

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