Thursday, August 30, 2012

a tiny place of my own

my place

To be honest, I am not sure where to start... Perhaps my tiny little new home? In HK, property is exuberantly expensive. And space is limited. All I can afford to rent is this tiny little place near work place. It is decent and newly renovated so I can't complain a lot. 

Moving from a relatively big space accommodation to a small place like mine -I think the dimension of my place is about 9.4 meter square - it is quite a challenge. Especially when you are a fashionista. The first question pops into my head - where am I going to put all of my pretty clothes and lovely shoes??

Living in such tiny place has made to think out of the box in arranging my belongs and I need to think not twice but more than that before buying any item. From time to time, I will share how I manage this little space. But for now, this is my space when I have just moved in.


  1. tell us more about living and organizing plenty of lovely clothes on 9,4qm. we could learn from that!

    good luck in your new cute place.

  2. I know! I felt the same way too when I renovate my room, Turns out it was smaller than before. But gotta make do!