Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fashion project: From baggy to tapered

My very first pair of vintage pants which I purchased from the Vintage Packstocks a while ago. Love the colour but it was slightly baggy for me - it needed a bit of alteration.

First step is to un-hem the pants. Then measure the desired width to take in on both sides of the seams of each leg. Mine is from half an inch (hips) to third quarter of an inch (ankle).

Mark the measurements and draw a line from hips to the bottom of the pants. Pin along the markings and then you are ready to sew.

Once you have finished sewing, hem the bottom of the pants. Iron or press the seams to shape the pants accordingly.

I can't wait to wear the pants and I have just the right top to go with them. Happy Malaysia Day everyone and hope you will enjoy the day.

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