Thursday, September 30, 2010

Buttons on the move: Bandung IV

We set early to Jalan Ciabauyut and arrived near 9 am. Not all the shops were opened when we arrived. We checked out whichever shops that are opened. Most of the shoes were not to our likings. If you are looking for vintage inspired shoes, perhaps this would be right place for you. After browsing through from one shoes shelf to another, finally I found a pair of sandals to my liking. And the price? Relatively cheap as it is Indonesian brand - 35,000 Rupiah.

Never thought we would finished shopping at Jalan Ciabauyut less than two hours. Initially, we thought we could go crazy over the shoes but it did not turn out that way. Sigh. I informed our driver to drop us at Barang Bekas shop which we passed by yesterday. Instead of dropping us there, he brought us to another flea market like - Kiaracondong (if I am not mistaken its spelling). Too bad not many stalls were opened and it was due to extended Raya holiday. And the damage was four vintage dresses.

Our last stop for shopping was Runway. It was a newly factory outlet which was launched in Aug 2010. Just like the rest of the factory outlets, it carries many branded clothes.

As for the rest of the day, we have decided to check out the area near our guest house. Had lunch in a shop. I had batagor (bakso tauhu goreng) pisahkan kuah 1/2 porsi, literally translation would be half portion of batagor with separate gravy/soup. It was yummy. Either dipped the batagor into the soup or chillies sauce, whichever way it tasted good.

After lunch, we walked along the road heading towards the guest house and we went from one convenient shop to another shop to buy some snacks and drinks. We spend the whole afternoon and evening just relaxing and watching telly. Not forgetting to pack our bags as we would be leaving for Kuala Lumpur the next day. It was a good fun shopping and thrifting in Bandung and we knew that this would not be the first and last trip, more to come perhaps.

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