Thursday, September 23, 2010

Buttons on the move: Bandung II

After a relatively quick lunch at a Sudanese cuisine restaurant, our first shopping stop was Rumah Mode. There are two small buildings. The one near the entrance sells designer and high end shoes and bags. At first, the both of us entered this section and we were a bit disappointed as there were no clothes at all.

However, we had more luck after walking pass the cafe and headed to another building. There were more crowd at this building. "This is a good sign," I said to myself. Once we stepped into this building, we saw tones of clothes and of course people busy shopping. Now, we have got a bit excited and did not know which part to start with!

All the brands are mixed and displayed according to kind of clothes, say ladies' t-shirts in a section, ladies' casual wear in another part. Brands that I came across are Guess, D&G, Marc by Marc Jacobs, CK, Elle to name a few. Very limited choices of MNG and Zara.

Central Fashion was our second stop but it was a very quick stop. The selection was just not our cup of tea. We did not try anything at all.

Next, our driver dropped us at Grande Factory Outlet. The weather was not on our side as it started to rain. It was a good thing that we bought emergency raincoats the night before. The selections at Grande was much better than Central. I recalled seeing Burberry jackets, Guess t-shirts and couple of H&M shirts and t-shirts. I bought a scarf for 39,000 Rupiah.

Though it rained, it did not dampen our spirit to continue to the next factory outlet, Jetset, which is just across the road. We braved ourselves to cross the busy road under the pouring rain. There couple of MNG denim dresses sold here. I dug the offer section hoping to find cheap t-shirts. I was lucky as I found a cute vintage-y t-shirt. And the price was 30,000 Rupiah.

Our final shopping stop for the day was Rich & Famous / Happening All Around The World. Feeling tired and hungry, I was not in the mood to shop. I browsed the clothes just to kill time. In this factory outlet, there were slightly more choices of ZARA clothes than the rest that I have been for the day.

Before we headed back to our room, we stopped by at a supermarket to purchase some food (mostly instant food and water). It was a fruitful shopping day and we could not wait for tomorrow.

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