Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yet another fun thrifting adventure...

Saturday, 14th Aug 2010, Kedai Jimat (Family Thrift Store)

This shop is run by Salvation Army, therefore any ringgits spent here goes to charity. Spent over an hour in this thrift shop. Rummaged through every shelves of clothes, scarves, belts, and shoes. It felt wonderful every time I found something nice. Although I did not find any clothes to my liking but I purchased two bags, a pair of shoes, few scarves, earrings and a belt. Can't wait to share my findings.

Kedai Jimat (Family Thrift Store)
26, Jalan Besar Tambun
31400 Ipoh
Operation hours: Monday to Saturday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Tel: 05 548 3314

Sunday, 15th Aug 2010, Memory Lane flea market, Ipoh and Second Charm, TTDI

Before headed back to KL, stopped by at Memory Lane to check out few items. Never thought that I would leave the market empty handed. I purchased two bags and a pair of shoes (yes, now I have bought four bags and two pairs of shoes just over the weekend). But for this tip my intention was to look for sewing machine table's legs, which is for my next project.
Once back in KL, final stop was Second Charm to check out vintage furniture and to inquire about my project (the one with sewing machine table's legs). And guess what? I purchased a shelf, which is hand painted.

Though there may be big holes in my pockets, I would not complain much as these are great finds. Thrifting adventure has to put on hold for a while. This weekend will stay in and do some sewing.


  1. hai! what about the price in second charm? is it costly?

  2. hi, thanks for following my blog. er.. it depends on the quality and the item itself. for example, i like a small (about 30 cm D X 30 cm W X 60 to 80 cm H) rotan bed side drawer that costs RM150. the shelf (not vintage) that i bought was RM60 but i've got discount of RM20. Perhaps you could visit Second Charm to check out vintage furniture and its pricing. hope this is helpful to you. :-)

  3. dear.. really wana go to ipoh for thrifting! argh wana go there! huhu