Sunday, July 18, 2010

Strolling down the Memory Lane

Memory Lane is a flea market in Ipoh and it opens only on Sunday, as early as 7 am and closes at 1 pm. I managed to check out this flea market during my trip to Ipoh. There were not as many antique items if compares to Amcorp Mall flea market but I saw couple of old sewing machines. There were many vintage bags instead of vintage clothes. As for the clothes, they looked like they were pre-loved items or old clothes from the 1990's. Anyway, somehow, I have this feeling of going around Peninsular Malaysia to check out or go thrifting at flea markets.

The look:
Vintage top from
Vintage Packstocks
Thrifted belt
Brown leather bag
Bright purple digital watch
A pair of denim pants

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