Friday, May 14, 2010

Fashion experiment: Tooled leather vintage bag

It did not occur to me that my favourite bag, the tooled leather vintage bag, could be quite versatile. With patterns are tooled on the bag, it can be a challenging task to complement clothes without losing its uniqueness?

Choose monochromatic outfits .

The bag is the focal point therefore keep other accessories minimal.

If you are a print lover, stick to small prints.

Above are looks that I have experimented - from office to brunch date. I love all the looks but love 'It's casual Friday' the most. The colours combination gives a refreshing feel. Which is your favourite look?


  1. i like the casual friday too! love the combination of white dress and that lovely leather bag! keep up the good work babe :)

  2. thanks for your comment and encouraging words :-)

  3. I like the brunch date dress + bag combo! Lovely frilly dress and an adorable bag.