Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fashion experiment: Denim like material dress

Yesterday another package arrived at my workplace. "Online shopping again?!?", asked my colleague. I just smiled and nodded. Received one package last Friday and another one yesterday. Who can resists S-A-L-E? Thanks to Vintage Packstocks, I added few more dresses into my collection. And one of them is denim like material dress.

I tried four different looks, started off with just adding belt and necklace to layering with other clothing pieces. Played with colours and accessories too.

Date night - white with blue create a clean and fresh feel. Paired with grey colour shoes to break the boring colour combo of white bag, white necklace. Grey is subtle and complements the colour combo for this look.

Shopping with BFF - layered another halter neck top with the dress. Played with colours for the bag and shoes.

Lady boss - Blazer dressed up the dress, from casual to serious. Layered necklaces as I do not have big and bold (statement necklaces). Paired with peep toes heels to add a touch of femininity and sexiness.

New gal in office - Replaced cardi with shirt. Rolled sleeves up for a relaxed look. Played with colour by accessorizing with bright pink necklace.

I must say, last week's online shopping was fun but I think I need to stop for a while (keeping my fingers crossed). Wait a minute... Just realized that June is around the corner, which means my monthly shopping fund for June is going to be replenished soon. Hhmm....


  1. Hey there..
    Got to knw ur blog thru VP.. Nway, it's cool d way you turn a piece into 4 styles of wearing it! Hehe.. Keep it up! Maybe i cld use some pointers! Hehe..
    'online shopping again?' haha, i'd get that almost everyday! I'm known as the crazy online shopper at my office! Even how hard i try to avoid buying, i'll end up buying 3 more! Who can resist cheap clothes online righhttttt?? Heeeee...

  2. Hi Baybe Foxx, thanks for checking out my blog and leaving your comment. Totally agree with you. Hard to resist cheap clothes and S.A.L.E. :-)