Sunday, June 28, 2009

Is shopping addictive?

It hit me like a 'bam!' couple hours ago - is shopping addictive? Do we shop (especially for clothing items) because of our needs - needing the missing item to complete the ensemble? Or to fulfill our satisfaction of purchasing something - the power of owning something? Or some of us shop to release stress, which is also known as retail therapy?

In my case (still living on a shoestring budget ), there is always a struggle of answering the following questions:-

Do I really need it?
Do I have a budget for it?
Do I have something in my wardrobe to wear with it?
How many times can I wear it? / Where can I wear this to?

Other than the above questions, sometimes I take the design of the item into consideration - is the design one of a kind whereby I would be having problem to find something similar in other stores later?

Since it is not very, very easy to not shop at all. I have cut count down visits to boutiques and the amount of my purchase. For instance, I am allowed to purchase item which is RM20 and below in a month. If I did not purchase anything in a month, the money would be brought forward to next month's budget. What happens when I have over shopped? Well, I can not shop for the next few months (depending on the amount). There is no hard and fast rule here.

I believe to lessen habitual clothing shopping trips is to cut down of number visits to boutiques and malls and the allowed amount to spend. By doing so instead of the drastic step of not shopping at all, it would be effective (if one really sticks to it). I know it is easy to say than doing it as there temptations are many out there. However, if there is a will, there is a way.

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