Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Unsung heroines I - boutique assistants

There are many unsung heroes and heroines out there but in this particular entry I would like to highlight unsung heroines in the fashion industry based on my own experience.

In the past I have been very fortunate to work direct or indirectly in the local fashion industry. I worked as a boutique assistant and was lucky enough to experience both fashion retail and couture in well-known shopping malls in Klang Valley and KL.

The most common tasks are serving customers, record sales, stock keeping and housekeeping of the boutique. The difference working in a retail and couture is that couture offers custom made clothes. Working closely with a designer enables one to learn more about the 'behind-the-scene' work which a retail unable to offer such as taking measurements of customers, simple alterations and beadwork.

A boutique assistant's job looks easy but it is not as easy as it seems. A boutique assistant serves many kind of customers from friendly to fussy customers and at the same time to provide equal excellent customer service at all times. One has to memorize and familiarize all the location of the stock in the storeroom inclusive the code of the items and be able to locate and pick up the correct item as requested by the customers. Speed and accuracy are important in this aspect.

Some boutique assistants' job inclusive of beading clothes. Guidance will be given by the designer but most importantly are the interest and patience to learn and to bead. This is a long and tedious work but the outcome of it is undescribable. One can see the transformation of a plain piece to a beautifully beaded piece.

Appreciative gestures such as thanking and be friendly with them are very much appreciated by them. These not only give them more motivation to work but also make their work more enjoyable. Such customers would leave a good impression and boutique assistants would go the extra mile in serving them. I am sure such service would make one's shopping trip more pleasant Go and spread joy and friendliness while shopping!

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  1. ahahha thanks for heads up! i always thought this job was the easiest ahah