Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Don't neglect your intimate pieces

Buying properties or investing in funds are automatically linked as forms of investments. But what is an investment to a fashionista? An LV bag? A pair of Jimmy Choo's? Yes and yes - but some may see this as indulgence. Whatever you may referred these purchases as, you purchase based on the quality and price you can afford (or save some money if you need to before purchasing any item). No matter how many beautiful clothes you have in your wardrobe, there is one thing that you should not neglect - intimate apparels. And you need to invest in them as well (maybe at least a few).

Why? I read a chapter on Lingerie in Instyle: Secrets of Style and it mentioned that lingerie is the foundation of an outfit. It can make the clothes look better. Furthermore, a good fitting bra will do more for your figure than anything you might wear over it. Therefore it is equally important to buy good quality lingeries to complement your wardrobe.

My first lingerie investment was the endless possibilities bra from Pierre Cardin. The straps can be adjusted accordingly and additional straps are given for other styles or ways. I have been searching for it in KL but finally found it (the right colour and size) in Ipoh. This was a good investment even though I am on a shoe string budget untill I get a new job. In the catalogue, it shows over 10 different ways of wearing the bra but I guess it also depends on the wearer's creativity. Must be fun to experimenting the bra.

I guess I will be building my lingerie collections soon as I know what is my next purchase. It looks like shopping trips are never ending. There is always something to buy to add on to current collection.

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