Thursday, April 16, 2009

To buy or not to buy

Despite the bad economy (as almost everyone worries about it) and the downsizing of my work place, I am in the situation whereby I should spend my money wisely. But being someone who loves fashion and likes to shop occasionally (does almost every weekend count as occasionally?) can resist such good offers by boutiques or departmental stores. Good offers I am referring to here is 70% discount.

Before losing my job, I shopped a lot. I was building my empire of necklaces - different types of styles and designs. Besides this, I bought some dresses, tops and bottoms. All these were bought during sales at one of my favourite boutiques, Cats Whiskers. I have shopped from outlet to another outlet.

This week itself, I bought one top after discount price was RM10.50 and one dress after discounted price was RM23.70. Still a good bargain, right? And how could I resist this? I love my sister's philosophy of shopping during sales; "It is about how much you have saved and it is not about how much you have spent". Let's say you bought a dress at 50% discount, it means that you have saved half of the price that you need to pay. Always think of how much you have saved. Such a great philosophy, don't you think?

However, at the end of the day, it is you who decide to buy or not to buy. In my case, because I have a part time job as a financial back up whilst finding a job, I invested in those two items. Furthermore, during this so called difficult time, I needed something to comfort myself (hhmm... you must think this is an excuse to shop!) to go through the emotional-financial roller coaster at the moment. Life goes on and I would like to go on with style.


  1. wht sorts of job do u have? jc hehe

  2. I used to be personal assistant to managing director. Now, I am an admin officer.