Sunday, April 12, 2009

Getting started

"Hah? You attended a workshop on 'Writing blogs'? That was the impression of one of my friends when I told her what I did on Saturday. I guess for her or maybe some others that writing blogs is easy peasy. Why do you have to spend your weekend and pay few hundreds for a workshop on an easy topic such as this?

The reason I attended this workshop was because I have been planning to have my own fashion blog, where I could show my creations and share fashion knowledge. In fact, the said blog is in infancy stage. Before I really started to work on it, I felt like I needed more info on blogs and blogging especially on legal part. The workshop organised by NSTP was very informative and beneficial. I am glad that I've signed up. No regrets.

Now, with that knowledge, I can start re-plan on the content and approach of my fashion blog. Looks like this will keep me busy for a while.


  1. are you studying fashion or smthg? jw

  2. Hi,

    I studied a short course in fashion design and dressmaking.


  3. wow interesting! where at if you dont mind me asking?

  4. IFTC - International Fashion Training Centre. Check out this link:

  5. ahh i c my friend went to study there too for a short course back in 2008.. lol idk if u knw her or not bt w/e im just saying. yeah tis a very reputable place! but you have to go through interview first and present your portfolio etc before you can get in amiright?

  6. I studied there in 2004/5 - can't recall the exact year. I chose IFTC because I like hands on stuff than theory stuff. When I signed up, just had to pay fees, no need to go through interview or showing portfolio. Perhaps, the admissions procedure has changed.