Tuesday, May 30, 2017

outfit post: mix n match

Hola! I am back from hiatus and I am very delighted to be back here; to share thrifting or vintage hunting adventures and vintage purchases with you.

Whilst I away from the blogging world, I travelled to Spain for a short vacation. I will share more in the upcoming posts. In this trip, I did something differently from my past trips - travelled in style (in the terms of wardrobe). In my past trips, my wardrobe staples are a pair of denim pants and t-shirts. Whilst there is nothing wrong wearing jeans and t-shirts in a vacation, well, why not try to bring it up to the next level? And I did so in this trip.

Outfit post BCN 1

Outfit post BCN 2

Outfit post BCN 3
Outfit: vintage dress, leather jacket, tote bag and wedge sneakers
Location: Park Güell

This is one of my favourite vintage dresses. It is a late 1930s or early 1940s rayon dress which I bought from Victory Girl Vintage on Etsy. Dana has curated many lovely pieces in her Etsy shop and if I could, I would like to purchase all the lovely 30s and/or 40s dresses!

I styled this beautiful vintage dress with a leather jacket to make the whole look edgy. Mixing vintage pieces with modern pieces or elements elevates a look and exudes a little edginess (in my case).

What is your travelling wardrobe? Do you plan your outfits? Any tips? Do share with me as I am eager and happy to hear your views.

That's all for now, till my next post. Stay chic!

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