Tuesday, February 7, 2012

thrifted deco items

I have been busy focusing on posting thrifted vintage clothes and bags until I have forgotten about decorations that I bought for my room. Lately, I have started to decorate my room and also to unpack some of my belongings (finally).

Here are new additions as room decorations;

A glass container which I think it is used to serve cookies for guests.

An ice cream cup?

Piggy banks (aren't they cute?)

Adorable pair of cat figurines

My room is about 80% to 90% decorated. Still have couple of DIY projects to do and then my room would be perfect or almost perfect. Can not wait till then.


  1. th3 catz ar3 the cutestzzzz!!! where did u buy them? i have a little rabbit figurine. So expensive tho. RM19 per one piece. How much did u pay for?
    nways cant wait to see ur new room!

  2. Thank you for your comment. I bought all these from the recycling place for RM5 :)