Monday, January 9, 2012

first purchase

Oh boy, without setting any budget, I have purchased my first vintage dress for the year! I thought for a while before deciding to purchase this lovely dress. And these were playing in mind:

"You have loads of vintage dresses, surely you don't need this one?"

"Yeah, I know but I don't have double breast style dress."

"There are many designs, styles of different prints or different fabrics. You can't purchase all of them!"

"But this vintage dress is so cheap, less than RM10. How can I resist!"

In the end, guess which side won?

Have a good week ahead everyone! I am planning to update new goodies in chic4less, so stay tuned!


  1. hello kak, mind me asking where did you purchase this? =D

  2. Hi there, Sorry for the late reply. I bought in one of the shops in Amcorp Mall :)