Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Old postcards

A love note? Maybe, I thought to myself at the very first time when I laid my eyes on this postcard. However, I did not purchase it immediately and it took me a while to finally make it mine. Would be a very good picture once it is framed and displayed. There were few more of the same models in different poses. And all of these postcards were addressed to the same person, Paula. I wonder perhaps the female model would be Paula...

Last Sunday, I went thrifting at my usual flea market. I was not thrifting for vintage clothes but for old fashion magazines and postcards. Unfortunately there were no old fashion magazines to be seen anywhere but I found the above postcard. It is a very lovely postcard and I like the postcard instantly. It was addressed to the same person, Paula, but this one dated 1915!

I wonder with all the latest technology we have now, whether people still exchange letters and postcards the old fashioned way, snail mail. Have letters and postcards been replaced with e-mails or text messages?

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