Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Optional places to find vintage clothing

Tired of surfing the Net to find vintage clothing? Though there are great vintage blog shops in the cyberspace, however the feeling of real shopping - see, feel, touch and smell - is more fun than just sitting in front your laptop whilst sipping a cup of coffee in a cafe.

Recently I rediscovered the weekend flea market in Amcorp Mall. All this while, I know that you can find all sorts of stuff in Amcorp Mall, from antiques to cakes. Little that I know, there are few stall that sells pre-loved and vintage clothing at third floor. And the prices are pretty cheap too.

Another place you could check out is Second Charm in TTDI. I was briefly there couple weeks ago but you need to have all the time and it is advisable to wear something light (preferably a tank top and shorts) for your session of digging and looking for hidden treasures.Through my brief excavation, there were few 80's work suits and I managed to come across with Ann Taylor suit. (too bad it was in size 12). Not bad, right?

Jumbo sales organized by NGOs or community centres is another good source to find vintage stuff. People donates stuff which they no longer want or use. Most of these items are still in good and usable conditions. Last Sunday I went to jumbo sale in Atria Shopping and I couldn't believe what I've got - two pieces of vintage bags, three pieces of vintage belts and few pairs of vintage earrings. All these cost RM20!! So look out for any jumbo sales in your area.

The above are just few optional places where to find vintage clothing. It needs patience and a bit of luck to find great vintage pieces. Whether you manage to find anything to your liking, remember to enjoy the process of digging with your girlfriends.

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